LADY ART : TALKS / by Sophia Harvey

The Heaviest Boxes will be screened along with a discussion from Sophia Harvey at the LADY ART : TALKS reception, Friday, December 9 6:30-9:30PM at the New Women Space. 

LADY ART: TALKS is a two-week pop-up exhibition at NEW WOMEN SPACE from 11.26.16 – 12.10.16 curated by Olivia Jane, founder of Lady Art NYC. The exhibit will showcase 5 artists from LADY ART NYC, an intersectional feminist collective for creatives with over 700 members.

LADY ART: TALKS will begin at 6:30 pm on Friday, December 9 with a closing reception and artist talks by emerging artists that have been featured in The Creators Project, Mana Contemporary, VSCO Blog, Posture Magazine, etc.

New Women Space is a project cultivation space that places the ambitions of women of all experiences at its center. They host workshops and events in a space that focuses primarily on women.

Amy Khoshbin
Kelsey Shwetz
Eri King
Frank Locke Studio
Sophia Harvey