Sophia Harvey is a producer, writer, and filmmaker living in NYC. She was raised in a small town in Connecticut and blames the endless quiet of the countryside for cultivating her imagination.

In the past year, Sophia has worked in production (both above and below the line) on 6 features; one of which, Stupid Happy starring Alec Baldwin, Judith Light, Mandy Patinkin, and Mike Colter, will premiere at Sundance 2019. 

As well as freelancing in production, Sophia works as a producer’s assistant to Mike S. Ryan of Greyshack Films. Ryan is an indie film legend, who kicked off his career with Junebug, which made headlines as the first under $1M indie to garner an Oscar Nomination. Since then, he's gone on to work with dozens of acclaimed projects and directors including Todd Solondz, Kelly Reichardt, Hal Hartley and Béla Tarr. 

Before leaving to start her freelance career, Sophia was the Post Producer at GKIDS, an internationally acclaimed art house distribution company that has 9 Academy Award nominations in the Animated Feature category, second only to Disney. In her time at GKIDS, Sophia oversaw production on dozens of prestige projects, including five Oscar-nominated films. She also produced and directed several English dubs with high-level talent including Susan Sarandon, JK Simmons, Jared Padalecki, Paul Giamatti, and Fred Armisen. 

Sophia has worked for several recognized artists. She was an assistant to Steven Shainberg, director of Secretary (starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Spader) as well as a writer’s assistant to Daphne Merkin—a widely published, esteemed writer and former film critic for The New Yorker.

In April 2016, Sophia was honored to speak at The Country School's TEDx Artist's Conference. Video available here

Sophia has been featured in No Film School, LEVO, SOMA Magazine, Stage Buddy, theREVELERNYC, Agora Gallery, CRETUS magazine, ISO Magazine, and Echoes Literary Magazine

In her free time, she enjoys sculpture and yoga, and hopes to one day travel the world by train. 

Freelance services include: Producing, directing, writing, & editing

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