Elena lives in her head, frequenting the local boardwalk carnival as part of her daily routine. One day, a change in the wind sends her crashing into Marcus, a handsome ticket-taker at the house of mirrors. The very one she's been eyeing over PB&J from afar. He entangles Elena in his world of fantasy and self-obsession. She is blind to the truths of his deep narcissism, even as the relationship shatters at their feet. Ultimately, Marcus is overcome by his flaws, while Elena learns to speak for herself for the first time. Yellow Heart is a modern interpretation of Ovid's Echo & Narcissus.


I have always been fascinated with Greek mythology and I believe that the archetypes and morals presented within them are incredibly relevant even today. I began this project as a short story in 2011, and it was born out of the desire to explore these archetypes in a modern context. Unlike many other modern interpretations, I'm interested in maintaining mythic and otherworldly qualities. These elements land Yellow Heart somewhere in the middle of magic realism and the Theatre of the Absurd, and that's just where we like it.