The Heaviest Boxes

Director, writer, editor • Screened at LADY ART : TALKS

Yellow Heart [Official Trailer]

Writer, director, editor • Cannes 2015 • New Filmmakers NY 2015

Trailer edited by Jacob Bittens

Yellow Heart

Writer, director, editor • Cannes 2015 • New Filmmakers NY 2015


Director, editor • Hear the latest music from BOYTOY

Pretty & Nice

Director, editor • See what P&N is doing now.

The Edge of the Edge

Writer, director, editor, sound designer • NYU Tony Hawkins Award, Original Audio Play, 2012

I Bet You Get This All The Time

Director, photographer, animator. 

All In

Writer, director, editor, sound designer. 

In Memory of Barbara Eckardt Goodwin (1921-2013)

Writer, director, editor • Part of the Florence Griswold Museum Permanent Collection, added 2014

As Trains Go

Writer, director, editor • Shoreline Arts Alliance Top Talent Scholarship in Creative Writing, 2011 • CT Young Writer's Trust Award Recipient in Prose

Time Out

Writer, director, editor.